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Domoto Tsuyoshi's Shamanippon~くにのうた PV & CM

Well,it's a bit late,but since it's not been posted yet,so...
Domoto Tsuyoshi - Shamanippon~くにのうた PV

[CM] COWCOW スギちゃん Shamanippon-ラカチノトヒ- 堂本剛 (Starring comedian COWCOW and Sugi-chan, Kenji Tada from duo COWCOW is the winner of "R-1 Grand Prix 2012",and Sugi-chan is the runner-up winner)

Source: 1 , 2 , 3

** The PV is so Kakkoi,I like the theory between the Past and the Future,and it has a mysterious feeling that a bit similar with Kindaichi ^^.O,Don't forget to buy your own copy of Domoto Tsuyoshi new album "Shamanippon - Rakachinotohi" which already released on April 11th,this song is included in it.

Tags: cm, johnnys entertainment, kinki kids, pv

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