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Hoshino Aki gives birth to a baby girl; Kosei Miura is now a papa

It's been reported that on April 12th, popular talent and gravure model Hoshino Aki (35) gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The agency announced that the new mother and her baby are both in healthy condition.

Hoshino meet Kosei Miura (22) back in 2009 through work and after dating for so many years, they tied the know in September of last year. Then in October, it was announced that Hoshino was 3 months pregnant.

The agency then released the statement that they will look after her physical condition. And from now on, will release detailed info.

Hoshino later released a picture of her newborn, only the girl's tiny hands can be seen.

source: 1, 2
Tags: gravure/av, sports, talent

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