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The woman behind SMAP redies Kisumai to become variety stars

Idol group Kis-My-Ft2 recently began their venture into the variety show world with "Hamakisu" (Asahi TV, Wednesdays at 1:21am) on April 4. A historical first for Japanese television, the show has a "variety school" concept, where comedian Hamaguchi Masaru of duo Yoiko will teach Kisumai the fundamentals of variety performance. The boys will have a special guest every week and attempt to become "variety masters" in the process.

Last year on December 29, Kis-My-Ft2 held a special show which featured "10 meter high diving" and "face-to-face Alligator chicken race" segments, causing the public to demand that the special become a regular program.

After debut, it's not rare for a Johnny's Entertainment act to hold their own variety show. However, a journalist who specializes in Johnny's Entertainment said, "This 'performer' component really gives the feeling of SMAP's 'foster parent' Ms. Iijima."

"SMAP, who debuted at #2 with their first single and wasn't that popular at first, did a late night Fuji TV show with Moriwaki Kenji and Moriguchi Hiroko called 'Yume ga MORIMORI' which made their popularity catch fire. This laid the foundation for them to become the national idols of Japan. They didn't have much stand-out talent in terms of dancing or singing, but they cultivated a 'variety strength.'"

"Using comedic short stories, mimicry, cross-dressing (t/n: smh) and other tactics to show their honest selves, they drew in a lot of people. That method is going to be a big thing for Kisumai, who doesn't have much character ability yet. We are expecting a lot to see how far they can grow."

"Other than Kanjani8 and others with the tempo and sense of comedians, it's necessary to have other tarento to grow that variety show feeling. Like V6's 'Gakko e Ikou!' (TBS, defunct), or Kinki Kids' 'LOVE LOVE Aishiteru' (Fuji TV, defunct), they were supported because of this. This time with Kisumai, using a veteran like Hamaguchi and utilizing guests well might be a solution."

A special preview of their show that aired on March 23 showed their variety tactics, with Untouchable Hamasaki teaching in a segment where the boys had to detect a fake onsen among real ones and talent Robaato teaching the boys while they crossed a high bridge over water. These segments showed their bravery and courage.

Kisumai, who, at the start of their debut was plagued with comments like "Their looks are below-average," "There isn't a handsome one among them," and "They're doing roller skates these days?," have now, in addition to their variety ventures, done their first CM for "Watering Kissmint Gum" in which their were dressed as women, which has been part of the reclamation of their fame. From here on out we are wondering if they will be able to grow into super idols of Johnny's Entertainment who will carry the whole company on their backs.

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