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Harajuku Fashion Walk – A Short Documentary Movie

Harajuku Fashion Walk is a fun and colorful Japanese street fashion event which we (Tokyo Fashion) have been covering since the very first one. Originally conceived as a one-time super kawaii street party by Sebastian Masuda (the founder of 6%DOKIDOKI & Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s art director), the event was subsequently taken over by group of Harajuku kids and turned into a bi-monthly event. Every two months, 50-100 colorfully-dressed young people meet up in Harajuku and parade through the streets together, making friends – and lots of smiles – along the way. Harajuku Fashion Walk is produced for Harajuku Kids (including you “Harajuku kids” all over the world) by Harajuku Kids.

It's settled then... next time I'm going to Japan, I'm joining the walk *_*

Edit: I just added the link to their official blog

Source 1
Source 2
Harajuku Fashion Walk official blog
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