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Sasaki Nozomi can't read????

Popular personality Sasaki Nozomi’s beauty is praised by many for her looks, but her work in variety TV shows and dramas have not been received well. It seems part of the reason is that she cannot read the Kanji on cue cards.

Her ability to talk eloquently has been put into question for a long time already, “But it’s not just about her talking abilities.” Said a TV insider.

“It’s not that Sasaki can’t talk, but she can’t read the cue cards the staff holds up during filming. People are saying that she can’t read the Kanji on the cards. She can read simple elementary-level Kanji, but when we enter middle school territory, she can’t read them. She can’t read the Kanji for shock, 衝撃shou-geki, which is an a pretty common Kanji. If we don’t write the Furigana (the reading in either katakana or hiragana) on top of the Kanji, she can’t read them and we have to stop mid-filming which messes with the natural flow of filming in the studio.”

“There were actors and actresses who studied their asses off when they can’t read Kanji, and made their managers drill them on Kanjis, but it seems that Sasaki is not as motivated when it comes to that area.”

Another TV insider also added, “She is the worst when it comes to treating the staff on TV productions. She only talks to producers or people in power, she ignores the rest of them.”

If she keeps her attitude up, she might just disappear from TV all together.

Sasaki didn’t go to high school, and even though she went to middle school, she was not a regular attendant. When she showed up on graduation, everyone was surprised she even go that far. If she wants to continue on with her career, it’s best that she buckles down and learn how to read. If not, maybe it’s best for her to retire and get married.

(Source: purichou.blog66.fc2.com) translated by uso-ippai

tabloids are trolling....
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