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Yamada Yu appears at ‘SUPER GIRLS FESTA’ in Taiwan

On April 15th, model/actress Yamada Yu appeared at the fashion and beauty event, ‘SUPER GIRLS FESTA‘, in Taiwan.

Before the event, Yamada was pulled aside for an interview, where she commented on her newly-married life with actor Oguri Shun. She said shyly, “Without any changes, we are having fun.

Yamada was also asked if they give each other any fashion advice. “Together we pick out clothes so we don’t look too mismatched,” she revealed.

Regarding her appearance in the show, Yamada stated, “I have many opportunities to meet fans in Japan, but I don’t have any opportunities to meet fans overseas. So I’m very happy. It seems there’s not much fashion shows like this in Taiwan, so I’m very excited for it.” She then shared her impression on Taiwanese girls saying, “Their atmosphere is very similar to Japanese girls. I was surprised to see that their clothes were so stylish.

This year, Yoshimoto Kogyo Group celebrated the 100th year anniversary since their establishment, and launched the ‘Yoshimoto NEW GIRLS PROJECT‘ “to make the girls of Asia and the world happy”. The ‘SUPER GIRLS FESTA’ was held as the kick off event for this project.

The event featured a fashion show by popular models including Yamada, Fujii Lena, Hasegawa Jun, Masuwaka Tsubasa, and Sasaki Nozomi. It also included live concerts and a beauty show by noted Japanese stylists.

Source & Photos: Model Press and tokyohive

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