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Shoji Tomoharu announces his baby’s name during comedy show

On April 14th, comedian Shoji Tomoharu announced his baby’s name during the Fuji TV program, ‘Bakusho Red Carpet‘.

Shoji and his wife, former Morning Musume member Fujimoto Miki welcomed their first son on March 27th. During the program, Shoji announced that his baby’s name is ‘Toranosuke’.

Later, Fujimoto reported through her official blog, “Right now, baby’s name was announced on Bakusho Red Carpet,” and revealed a photo of son crying.

She continued to express her joy saying, “Recently, there are many kids with highly sensitive names, but we thought a nostalgic Japanese-style name would be nice. As strong as a tiger, a friendly child who will help other people. My husband thought about it very hard. It’s self-praise but it’s such a good name. Thank you dad.

Source: Nikkan Sports
Image: Fujimoto Miki’s Official Blog and tokyohive

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