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The Kamen Rider Stronger Live Action star passed away

Shigeru Araki Passed Awayon April 14th, Saturday, at the age of 63. Araki was admitted to a hospital in Tokyo after showing symptoms of pneumonia, but was found to be an aspergillosis infection, a lung infection caused by exposure to mold in compost, grain, and decaying vegetation.

The actor had struggled with previous health problems. After undergoing a surgery for esophageal cancer in 2007, Araki's health had been unstable since; having been in the hospital earlier this month. He was declared in critical condition on Friday. His wife, actress Noriko Higuchi, was staying by his side.

Araki was part of the band "Four Saints", famous for their song "Chisai Nikki," which sold over 200,000 copies in 1968. Upon the disband in 1973, he went on to his acting career, starring in the tokusatsu ("special effects") television series Kamen Rider Stronger in 1975. The lead character, Shigeru, was named after him.


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