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Higashiyama Noriyuki caught cheating on Kimura Yoshio with big-busted beauty?

Johnny’s talent, Higashiyama Noriyuki, was caught with big-breasted talent Miyata Haruna by tabloid Flash this week at her house. Could he be cheating on his wife with Miyata?

According to the magazine, Higashiyama was spotted in comfortable clothes entering Miyata’s apartment in Tokyo on April 8th after 6PM. He left just after 11PM with Miyata following him out and waving him goodbye. 

Miyata works as a talent and she often attends group dates with famous males like Higashiyama in order to become more well known in the entertainment circle. In response to Flash’s article, she said, “Higashiyama is a senpai I respect greatly. He was only there to celebrate my move to a new apartment, other friends were there too…”

But according to the reporter, there was no other visitor that day at Miyata’s apartment. 

Higashiyama is married to actress Kimura Yoshio and they celebrated the birth of their child Nov. of last year.


Tags: actor/actress, gravure/av, rumour, scandal, talent, you in danger girl

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