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11:25 am - 04/18/2012

Fuji TV makes “Idoling!!!” and other shows available on YouTube

On Tuesday, Fuji TV announced its plans to begin uploading several of its shows to its official channels on video site YouTube, allowing users to watch for free. According to the announcement, the network aims to spread its contents globally and to attract new viewers, while also increasing its online advertising revenue.

Reports say that Fuji TV plans to upload about 40 videos a day, ranging from news to variety to anime. So far, 6 channels have been announced for distribution: “FNN Fuji News Network,” “Shin Houdou 2001,” “BS Fuji Live Prime News,” “Fuji TV ni Detai Hito TV”, “Idoling!!!,” and “Fuji TV Anime.”

The “Fuji TV Anime”channel, which currently includes “Thermae Romae” and “Kuchu Buranko,” is limited to viewers in Japan, but the other channels are available worldwide.

The “Idoling!!!” channel will include original contents in addition to videos from the group’s television show.

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waiting for VS Arashi
angelica28 18th-Apr-2012 12:45 pm (UTC)
greek flag lol i didn't expect that :P
vs arashi yay!!!
but i dont think johnny will let it be!!!!
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