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Ohno Satoshi exceeding Matsujun and Sakurai Sho?

The first episode of "Kagi no Kakatta Heya" starring Arashi leader Ohno Satoshi, Toda Erika and Sato Kochi achieved a high rating of 18.3% for its debut on air on 16 April. This makes it the 2nd highest premiere rating among the spring drama offerings so far with Ataru bagging the first place with a rating of 19.9%.

This is also higher than the previous season's drama in the same timeslot i.e. "Lucky Seven" starring Matsumoto Jun also from Arashi which got 16.3%.

It can also be noted that Sakurai Sho's drama, Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de which had an average rating of 15.9% and aired every Tuesday from October to December of last year had a first episode rating of 18.1%

Kagi no Kakatta Heya is Ohno Satoshi's first getsuku drama making him the second member of Arashi to star in a Monday night 9pm drama.

Source: Doramaworld Excite News

Congratulations to all the staff and stars of KagiHeya for a successful first episode. It also became a treding topic in twitter that time! Here is to hoping that the rest of the season would be good for ratings wise for Leader's first getsu9.

Edit: Aiba's last drama series with Fuji was way back in 2001 for Mukodono! which had a first episode rating of 16.5%. Ninomiya Kazunari's Freeter, Ie o Kau aired on Tuesdays nights last 2010 had a first episode rating of 17.6%.
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