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11:43 am - 04/19/2012

World’s First Snaggletooth Girl Group

You may have heard of the recent dental trend in Japan called tsuke yaeba, where women get their canines capped to get a crooked set of chompers. If so, you might have guessed that a snaggletooth girl group couldn’t be far behind, and here they are: TYB48.

Eighteen-year-olds Nana, Mio and Rika were chosen from a field of applicants recruited by a dental clinic specializing in tsuke yaeba. Girls with crooked teeth are generally thought to be cute in Japan, and with TYB48 as fashion trendsetters, organizers hope to encourage young women not blessed with overlapping fangs to take have their teeth cosmetically altered.

The group will have their debut concert in Akihabara on April 30th, and concert goers will also be able to pick up copies of their first CD, frighteningly titled “Mind If I Bite?”

harmlessbondage 20th-Apr-2012 05:38 pm (UTC)
my teeth haven't shifted much but i was diligent about wearing my retainers for at least 5, 6 years after getting my braces off. i stopped wearing them because it was really fucking disgusting to put the same thing in my mouth each night for 6 years, even though i cleaned it every morning. :| also the retainers started to break, haha.

the problem i have now is that there is this weird gap between my top teeth and bottom teeth in the front. when i close my mouth, my back teeth touch but my front teeth don't anymore. i have no idea what is making my jaw move (i am an adult so it is not growth, and i had my wisdom teeth out 6 years ago!) and it's freaking me out. i will probably need braces again to correct it. which is better than the alternative of having jaw surgery, but i can't afford braces again and i frankly don't want them :(

i'd rather have teeth re-crowding than be unable to bite my nails anymore. :E
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