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Be an AKB48 Member Trainee with "AKB48+Me" 3DS Game

Do you want to experience the life of an AKB48 member trainee (kenkyūsei)? Then, this latest game from Nintendo is for you!

Kadokawa games will released an all-new AKB48 game called "AKB48+Me" for Nintendo 3DS. The said game will let the player experience the life of a kenkyusei by making her follow the steps toward idol stardom. The player will have to do television guestings, attend handshake events, and even performed on stage. Moreover, stages can be created and customized.

Unlike the previous "AKB48 Dating Sim" game, AKB48+Me is more of a "success story" wherein as a kenkyusei member, the player will be able to interact with AKB48 for three years.

AKB48+Me is expected to be release this fall.

Tags: akb48, video games

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