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5:07 pm - 04/20/2012

New ‘ONE PIECE’ film to be written by Suzuki Osamu

On April 20th, it was reported that Oda Eiichiro’s popular manga, ‘ONE PIECE‘, would be getting a new film titled ‘ONE PIECE FILM Z‘, on December 15th.

‘ONE PIECE FILM Z’ will be produced by Oda, and will be written by broadcast writer Suzuki Osamu, who is known for his works in ‘SMAP×SMAP‘ and ‘Hoko×Tate‘. Suzuki commented, “I’m a big fan of ‘ONE PIECE’. I got to create the story right after Fishman Island. The movie will take place in the New World, and it will be an exciting story.”

On choosing Suzuki to provide the script, Fuji TV producer Taneda Yoshihiko explained, “Above anything, he’s a fan of ‘ONE PIECE’. Also, he is the person who is entertaining everyone in Japan as a broadcast writer for ongoing variety programs.”

Additionally, it was announced that music producer Nakata Yasutaka (capsule) will be providing the movie’s opening theme. His song, “Panoramic Experience“, is currently being used in the ‘ONE PIECE Exhibition‘ at Mori Arts Center Gallery in Roppongi Hills.

The movie will be directed by Nagamine Tatsuya, who is the director for the popular ‘Pretty Cure‘ anime series. Meanwhile, Sato Masayuki will be in charge of the drawings.

Sources: Mantan Web & Tokyohive
fumine 20th-Apr-2012 04:38 pm (UTC)
"my heart stopped for a second, thinking they meant a life action movie"

LOL same ^^'
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