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Evangelion GPS Navigation System Unveiled

GPS  Systems are so common these days that you only need your smartphone to hook up in your Car and you got yourself a helper. Not unless you want an "Exclusive" and "Rare" beauty like this Evangelion's NERV Navigation System which is made specifically for the fans of the anime.

Spoken instructions are voiced by the Seiyuu's in the anime, Megumi Hayashibara (Rei) and Megumi Ogata (Shinji) instead of the usual robotic tone that you hear in most of the GPS systems. Interface is adapted from the one's you see in the anime so the graphics, fonts and stylish colors has the retro look. The device can also play TV and movies if you want to practice reckless driving.

The Evangelion GPS Navigation system is available for purchase on this Evangelion store. All in all the total amount of the device is 39800 yen which is close to 500 USD.

This is so cool, I want one!

source 1 & 2

Tags: seiyuu/voice actor, technology, toys/collectible

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