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Oh Wonbin to release 1st Japanese full length album "Time to..." in May

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FNC Entertainment's solo artist Oh Wonbin is set to reveal his first solo album as soon as next month.

Next to the title track "Don't Cry", the album features songs such as "to the Star", "Mignight Blue" and "My Way" from Wonbin's first Japanese single "to the Star"; as well as "2go", "Good for You", "Ready to be my...", "Love Song" and "Always" from his 2nd mini album "Good for You". The title track of the singer's first mini album "C'mon Girl", was also included.

The album, titled "Time to...", will be released in Japan on May 21st and includes 12 tracks. More info surrounding the release is set to be revealed closer to the release date.

Will you be anticipating this singer's next release?

01. C'mon Girl
02. Don’t cry
03. 2go
04. good for you
05. Ready to be my...
06. Love song
07. Wherever
08. Say goodbye
09. to the star
10. Midnight Blue
11. my way
12. Always

Sources: ohwonbin and Koreaboo

Yay Wonbin is doing things! XD

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