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Comic Con in Dubai

The Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) is the only consumer event for fans of cult entertainment & popular culture in the Middle East.

Launched as consistent outlet for the many thousands of fans in the region and to support both the media, licensing and entertainment industry as well as encouraging a new generation of artists, writers, directors and entrepreneurs within the entertainment & artistic field. Read More

Meet the Artists Guests

MEFCC Featured Artists & Creators

Some pix taken from

Freej (Arabic: فريج‎; trademarked as FREEJ) is an Emirati three-dimensional, computer animated television series for children and adults alike.The English tagline for the show is "The Fun Old Girls.

Some quick pix taken by me:

And here are some random clips:

Sources: Official SitePix , Clip #1, Clip #2 , Clip #3

Hey guys! Raise your hand if you were there! It was very crowded and they should've chosen a bigger place and an easier location to reach. I attended the 1st day only but overall I think it was a successful event. Hoping for bigger and bigger events here.

Edit: Sorry I forgot to add the cut ToT
Edit 1: I just deleted the first comments about telling me to add the lj-cut in order to make the post look more decent. Thanks.

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