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Chara is releasing a new single!!!

Chara has now announced her first single since her label transfer to Ki/oon Records! This upcoming single will be entitled “Alterna Girlfriend” with its release date set for June 6th.

Chara publicly announced this new single on April 21st during the live event ‘Ki/oon 20 Years & Days’, at LIQUIDROOM ebisu in Tokyo. Along with this announcement, she made her first performance of this song at this live and gave her fans an edgy dance tune to look forward to. The coupling song of this single has also been unveiled and will be titled, “Taisetsu wo Kizukumono”.

In addition, Chara will be releasing a live DVD/Blu-ray “Live Tour 2011 “Very Speical” on the same release date of the single, “Alterna Girlfriend”. This live DVD will record her live from December 26, 2011, which took place at Shibuya Public Hall in Tokyo.

Furthermore, Chara’s new song, “Planet” (release date unknown) has been chosen as the CM theme song for Sony’s television brand, BRAVIA. A preview for this upcoming single will be also available for a limited time on BRAVIA’s official site as well.


1. カウントダウン Count Down
2.ゆらしたがる Yurashitagaru
3.永遠の詩 Eien no Uta
4.Toy Soldier Toy Soldier
5.Dark Candy Dark Candy
6.ここにいて Koko ni Ite
7.真夜中の約束 Mayonaka no Yakusoku
8.タイムマシーン Time Machine
9.月と甘い涙 Tsuki to Amai Namida
10.Swallowtail Butterfly 〜あいのうた〜 Swallowtail Butterfly - Ai no Uta -
11.ミルク Milk
12.メドレー Medley
13.わかんない Wakannai
14.やさしい気持ち Yasashii Kimochi
15.伝言 Dengon
16. 才能の杖 Saino no Tsue
17. Rachel
18. 世界


creative queen, I love this cover sfm! can't wait!
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