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KAT-TUN's "Flash Laser Tree" and 400m Chain at the Tokyo Dome

Thousands of fans cheered for KAT-TUN for their final night at the Tokyo Dome after three consecutive nights of concert as part of their "Chain" Tour 2012.

Last Apr 22nd, the entire Tokyo Dome was filled to it's capacity as thousands of fans cheered for KAT-TUN's final night at the Tokyo Dome for their "Chain" Tour 2012. The night was filled with pyrotechnics, moving stage, flashes of lights, and cranes. Moreover, giant "Chain" balls connected by a 400m chain that surrounds the stage perimeter carried each KAT-TUN member in a hot-air balloon fashion.

The 5-member Johnny's group sang 31 songs in total including the encore. The guys were very thankful to the enthusiastic crowd as they say their final messages. Kamenashi Kazuya said it has been two years since their last tour so they were really happy to be back at the Dome. Koki Tanaka also added that the "Hyphens" are their source of strength every time they feel unsure and worried. Moreover, the guys also added that Tokyo have always felt like a home for them, so they were happy to be there with their fans.

However, amidst all the cheer, the press can't help not to ask questions regarding former member, Jin Akanishi, during the press conference. The guys gave honest answers regarding to the press' queries.

translated by pindom from zonnys
Koki: We really didn’t know about it (when asked about Akanishi's hasty marriage)

Kamenashi: We weren’t surprised about it. His decision to study abroad back in 2006 came as the biggest shock. As ex-members, frankly speaking without any sort of contact from him, it is really difficult to give out any comments. But I suppose we are the 5 of the most unshaken people in the world.

Koki: “Oh! so, now this?” was how we simply accepted it

Kamenashi: But a celebratory thing is a celebratory thing. It is a marriage. Now that you have a partner, I hope you’ll be able to take care of her, and be even more responsible for your actions, even more so than before. This is a comment not so much as to an ex-member but more as a comment to a man.

Koki: As for us as KAT-TUN, we are looking forward as a group of five, and as we feel our fans following us, each time we organize a concert having the headlines go “KAT-TUN speaks about Akanishi etc...” or “Akanishi’s ~” is just not… what we have in mind. Nor am I saying that we find it an inconvenience. So, please be responsible for your actions and please be happy. There’s a child on the way, and your wife, it is no longer just your problem solely.

Kamenashi: I hope you’ll be able to firm up in that aspect even more so than us.

Taguchi: I believe that our job is to bring strength and courage to the audiences through our music and dance, so I hope you’ll be able to work hard on “making smiles”

from Nikkan Sports translated by: the_lilone

They do understand that this is part of Jin's personality. Koki said: "When he left the group it was not in stages, and when he went to America they only got contacted to be informed. Not being able to express himself well, it's his personality. From here on there will be more responsibilities as an adult, a thing he's worst at. But as a person in the society he should stay by this minimum rule of being responsible since it's no longer a one-person problem." (Though I'm not sure whether they quote the right person anymore cuz from the video you can see Koki said something but in the article they say it's Kame) When they asked about how Jin's concert was stopped and how he was dropped from the drama, Kame simply said "Oh really." (Sou nanda) Koki said "As KAT-TUN we want to face forward. I feel that to comment on someone who used to be KAT-TUN is kind of wrong."

KAT-TUN's final leg of "Chain" tour will be at Sendai on Apr 28th.

credits 1, 2, 3

Amazing laser show is amazing. DVD DVD DVD DVD DVD!!!!!!!!
Oh Maru in the hot air balloon.
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