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Which female celebrity has the most beautiful skin?

On April 22nd, Oricon revealed the results of their recent survey (The time period for the survey was March 23rd to 28th), in which they asked 500 women to pick the female celebrity with the most beautiful skin.

Like last year, it was actress Ayase Haruka (27) who came out on top of the ranking again, which isn’t much of a surprise looking at her countless appearances in fashion magazines and commercials for various cosmetic brands.

When Oricon told her the good news, she commented, “Thank you very much for picking me. However, the result makes me both happy and gives me a lot of pressure. With age you have to put more effort into taking care of your skin (laughs).

One woman in the survey compared her skin to the image of a perfectly peeled boiled egg, while others were very curious about how she’s able to maintain such beautiful skin. Similar to last year, Ayase explained, “I have dry skin, which is why I have to properly moisturize it all the time.

The second and the third place didn’t change from last year’s ranking either. Actress Koyuki (35), who became a mother in January, defended second place. She still wows everyone with her smooth and perfectly white skin. People complimented her and said that she’s actually becoming more beautiful with age and they are as envious about her skin as ever. Meanwhile actress Kanno Miho (34) impressed everyone with her clean complexion and her beautiful smile.

You can check out the full ranking below!


Which female celebrity has the most beautiful skin?

01 – Ayase Haruka (last year: 01)
02 – Koyuki (last year: 02)
03 – Kanno Miho (last year: 03)
04 – Takeuchi Yuko (last year: 07)
05 – Takei Emi
06 – Amami Yuki
07 – Momoi Kaori
07 – Hirako Risa (last year: 09)
09 – Sasaki Nozomi
10 – Yanagihara Kanako

Source: Oricon and tokyohive

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