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Dragon Ash's Ikuzone passes away at 46.

"Dragon Ash's Ikuzone/馬場育三 (Baba Ikuzou/Bass) has passed away due to acute heart failure. He was 46. On 21/4 (Saturday) he was found collapsed by family members in his home studio and rushed to a central Tokyo hospital for emergency treatment, but sadly passed away at 22:55. A private funeral service for close bereaved family was carried out.
Dragon Ash were due to perform live at the Okinawa festival "Okuma Beach Fest 2012 'Open Gate'" on 28/4, but their performance has been cancelled.
Ikuzone, with Makoto Sakurai formed Dragon Ash in 1996. Their debut release "The Day Dragged On" incorporated elements of rock, hip-hip and Latin music. In 2011 Ikuzone withdrew from the band due to nerve paralysis in his arm. He then rejoined the band later in the year and the band restarted with energetic activity. Dragon Ash had finished their nationwide tour "ROTTENGRAFFTY" on 19/4.

Incredibly sad news. Wasn't such a fan of their newer sound, but their old stuff is iconic. RIP.
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Tags: death, music/musician, music/musician (j-rock & visual kei), music/musician (j-urban)

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