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Yeah, Dakota Rose is making her debut in Japan

Dakota Rose is making her debut in Japan! 

She signed up with Bravo Models (she's under Asian last time I checked), a tarento agency. She debuts as ダコタ・ローズ (Dakota Rose).
OP Edit: I don't know if it applies to her since she was 'scouted'. But Bravo Models has being Japanese or mixed, as one of the requirements.

This is the first time Japanese TV deals with her in depth.

0:49 Dakota says “I need to say something in Japanese for this video. Because [sic] a lot of people viewed my videos.”

2:10 this man says “I felt this girl could definitely become a star in Japan.”

1:57 the narrator says “just some weeks ago a Japanese tarento agency approached her, and signed a contract”.

2:20 the narrator says “she is coming to Japan at the middle of this month. She’s already received a lot of offers of CM appearances and TV programs.”

2:30 Dakota says “I’ve always liked Japan since I was a child. And now I’m really serious about this (modeling) job.

2:40 Dakota says “I’m going to study Japanese every day so as not to disappoint you.”

source, 2

Honestly I just find this whole thing interesting, funny, sad and annoying, all at the same time.
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