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Ex-Johnny’s Jr. Yuta Higuchi makes comeback

A new agency, new blog, new twitter account, and new TV show, Yuta Higuchi has come back into showbiz, reports Cyzowoman.

The ex-Johnny’s Jr. member and son of Johnny’s senior talent Katsuhide Uekusa will have a regular spot in NHK’s Eテレ (NHK Educational TV) “俳句さく咲く! (Haiku saku saku!)” where he is one of a few boys to read out haiku poems.

It has been reported Higuchi started off as a member of Johnny’s Jr., he got a role in popular drama series “3年B組金八先生 (3-nen B-gumi Kinpachi Sensei)”, and had appeared in many music shows and concerts.  Then, in 2009 he disappeared.

“There had been talk it was because of family or because of school, but finally when news came out his parents had divorced, it make sense.  By spring [of 2010], he himself had told Johnny’s he wanted to quit,” said one source.

But it seems like showbiz still had a grip on the teenager.  Using his mother’s maiden name “Higuchi”, Yuta tried out for the 24th JUNON SUPERBOY CONTEST, and came out with the “Most Photogenic Prize”.

Now, Higuchi is signed to Itoh Company agency.  On April 20 he had started his official blog “HIGUCHI YUTAってYUTAやん。”  On it, the talent talks about his hobbies and even uploads photos of his clothes.  He is also on twitter: @higuchi24yuta

As a second generation idol, it looks like Higuchi has taken a brave new step in his life.  No doubt his dad is supporting him through it too.

Source: momoedgewood

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