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GReeeeN's Announces New Single and Album

The ever-eccentric pop band, GReeeeN, will be releasing their first album in three years. Moreover, their album's title can be quite a challenge. Their upcoming album will be called, "Uta utai ga uta utai ni kite uta utae toiu ga uta utai ga uta utau dake utai kireba uta utau keredomo uta utai dake uta utaikirenai kara uta utawanu!?". It is expected to be release on June 27th in limited and regular edition.

Moreover, GReeeeN will also be releasing their second single following "Orange". Their second single, "OH!!!! Meiwaku!!!!" will be released on May 30th.

Lastly, to commemorate the release of their newest album, the group will be having their first-ever fan event on Jun 27th at NHK Hall Tokyo. Since GReeeeN has always been known never to reveal their faces, this fan event will be the first of its kind.


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