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DSP's new boygroup, A-JAX to debut in Japan in August

A-JAX, DSP Media‘s first new boy group in a long while, has revealed their plans for a simultaneous debut in Korea and Japan.

On May 1st, DSP Media revealed, "A-JAX will be the first Korean idol group to debut within Korea and Japan simultaneously, and will follow in the footsteps of sunbae group, SS501."

After debuting in May in Korea, the group will be partnering up with Universal Music to target the Japanese market in August.

DSP Media added, "A-JAX has signed under the equivalent conditions that other Korean male idol groups, who have already established their popularity, have been given, making it an unprecedented event. Thus, they are receiving much attention from Japanese music industry insiders."

The reason for revealing their plans for their Japanese venture on May 1st, was to signify that A-JAX aims to become a group loved in Korea, Japan, as well as other parts of Asia, just like their seniors, SS501.

In related news, A-JAX kicked off their promotional activities with their reality show, ‘Making the Star – DSP Boyz’ on April 24th, and is aiming to make their official debut at the end of May.


inb4 "UGH THEY PROBABLY DON'T EVEN SPEAK JAPANESE" when DSP has had them trained in Japanese…
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