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NMB48 Makes Guest Appearance On Sanma no Mama!

Recently, NMB48 members Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki, Yamada Nana, Fukumoto Aina and Ogasawara Mayu made a guest appearance in the show together with actor/comedian Yamasato Ryouta of Nankai Candies. This show, hosted by famous veteran comedian, Akashiya Sanma, was a rare opportunity for NMB48 members to be on a nationwide broadcast, and NMB48 certainly made quite an impact on the show especially with their outstanding catchphrases.

You can watch the full appearance here!!


Omaiga, this girls are such awesome trolls!!
Gotta love them being their usual nonsensical selves <3
Love themmm, the Namba girls are really fantastic on varieties <3

And here's a short summary credits to tomokono's blogspot on what was said in the earlier part of the video.

For example, when asked where they're from, Milky  (Watanabe Miyuki) and Ainyan (Fukumoto Aina) said they are from Nara, the same prefecture as Sanma. Then he asked them which prefecture and Ainyan answeres Kashihara but then Milky said "I'm from flower garden~~"

It continues on with more jokes and then Maachun (Ogasawara Mayu) said "I'm from Osaka!! We came here by the train named Ogasawara express from Nara!!" Sanma looked a bit perplexed by their nonsensical but cute jokes, said "I don't know that train."

They then move on to their catchphrases. Starting off first is Maachun.

Maachun: Hai! Namba Hatsu, Ogasawara Tokkyu~ Minasan o Yumenosekaihe Otsureshima~chu!!"
(Yay! Ogasawara express from Namba, I'll take you to the dream world!)

Everyone: Josya shima~su!!"
(We are getting on~!!)

Sanma: Gesha shima~su!!"
(I'm getting out~!!)

Everyone stands up and objects to his remark!!
Then Sanma turns to Milky asks for her catch phrase!!

Milky: Hai! Milk to Miyuki wo Mazerudake! Attoiumani,"
(Just mix milk and Miyuki (Her first name), in a blink of an eye,)

Everyone: Milky~~~!"

Sanma was beginning to die from their
Next catch phrase was presented by Nana Yamada!

Nana: Jikendayo! Nananana nananana Na~na~ Minnano Heart wo Taiho Sichauzo!"
(We got a case!! Nananana nananana Na~na~ I'll arrest your hearts!)

Everyone: "Hu~HU~~~~"

Then it's NMB's captain Yamamoto Sayaka's turn!

Sayanee: Sayaka Sasayaka Sawayaka,"
(Sayaka modest, refreshing)
Everyone: Sayaka~!!"
Sayanee: Sasatto Yasasisa Azayaka,"
(Quick, kind, brilliant)
Everyone: Sayaka~!!"

Then Sanma turns to Ainyan (Aina Fukumoto)
Ainyan: Can I stand up?

Sanma: Ok Ok anything is Ok!

Milky: Why don't you stand up together Sanma-san?

Ainyan: Hai! Yamato no Kuni Kara Ai to Shiawase wo Komete... Ainyan Hadouhou Hassha! Zudodododododododdobo~n!!!
(From the Land of Yamato (the old name for Nara) with Love and Happiness, Ainyan Bazooka Fire! ZOZOZOZOZO BOOM!")

Everyone: Uwa~~~~

Ainyan: Thank you so much!

Sanma pointed out she stole the idea from Dragonball's Kamehameha!
But Ainyan explained her hand shape is different from Kamehameha.

From the rest of the video, they talked about various things like fans coming from Singapore for their handshake event as well as how they decided to join NMB48 etc etc.

Hope you enjoyed watching the video as much as I did. XD
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