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2PM's new Japanese single + Arena Tour DVD release

2PM's new Japanese single release, unpublished song composed by Junho, & hi-5 event

2PM's 4th Japanese single "Beautiful" will be released on June 6th along with a B-side track called "君がいれば/Kimi ga Ireba" (If You Are Here) composed by Junho.

Hi-5 event for buyers will be held at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Halls at June 16th.

2PM's 4th single "Beautiful" track info:
  1. Beautiful
  2. Kimi ga Ireba
  3. Beautiful (without main vocal)
  4. Kimi ga Ireba (without main vocal)

Limited edition type A: 2 disc (CD + DVD) - 1,800yen
The DVD contains the original and dance versions of the PV
Includes 1 trading card (ticket for the high-five event)

Limited edition type B: (CD + photobook) - 1,600yen
Comes with a 32 page photobook of unpublished pictures for Beautiful
Includes 1 trading card

Regular edition: (CD only) - 1,200yen
Includes a remix track of Beautiful <aqua blu mix> + 1 trading card


2PM's Arena Tour DVD will also be released on the same day, June 6th.

Set List:
  1. REPUBLIC OF 2PM Intro
  2. HOT
  3. Electricity
  4. Hands Up
  5. I was crazy about you~Tired of waiting (Remix)
  6. Move On (Junho + Wooyoung)
  7. 100 Day Anniversary
  8. I Can’t
  9. Give It To Me
  10. Ultra Lover
  11. Stay with me
  12. My Valentine -Christmas ver.- (Taecyeon + Nichkhun)
  13. Revenger (Chansung)
  14. I’ll be back -Japanese ver.-
  15. I hate you
  16. Back 2U
  17. Alive (Junsu)
  18. Without U
  19. Hanarete Itemo
  20. Crazy In Love
  21. Take off
  22. 10 out of 10 (10/10)
  23. Again&again
  24. I’m your man
  25. Don’t Stop Can’t Stop
  26. Heartbeat
  27. Thank you
  28. 10 out of 10(10/10)~Hands Up (Remix)

Regular Edition (4,980yen)
includes solo stages! Move On, My Valentine -Christmas ver.-, Revenger, Alive.

Limited Edition (7,800yen)
includes a 2nd disc, which has member-focused performances from the tour (2 per member). So it's more like fancams, where you only see one member the entire time. These include...
  1. Junsu: HOT, and 離れていても
  2. Nichkhun: Ultra Lover, and Without U
  3. Taecyeon: 10 out of 10, and Heartbeat
  4. Wooyoung: Crazy In Love, and I'm Your Man
  5. Junho: I Can't, and Stay With Me
  6. Chansung: I'll Be Back -Japanese ver-, and Don't Stop Can't Stop
The limited edition also comes with a live photobook (80p) and a special box.

Translated by Retro & ssanti_bboy @ Wild2Day.org
Source: Wild2Day.org
Tags: 2pm

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