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Announcer Hatori Shinichi reports his divorce during a live broadcast

On May 3rd, a freelance announcer Hatori Shinichi (41) reported his divorce with his wife, an aromatherapy instructor (40), during his news TV program ‘Morning bird‘.

At the beginning of the program, he announced, “Yesterday, we filed the notification of divorce. We agreed to it after many discussions. I will do my best at work without any changes.”

Announcer Akae Tamao, who is another presenter of the program commented, “I am really surprised. You didn’t seem like you had trouble, but you were in trouble, weren’t you?” and Hatori responded “Tama-chan, yes, there are issues in life.”

According to the report, after Hatori became a freelance announcer back in April 2011, he got busy, and differences with his wife began to grow. His wife also put stress on her work, so they decided divorce to make a positive path for each other.

Sources: Tokyohive, Sponichi Annex

More seriously though: Hatori-san... :'(
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