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Kiritani Mirei attends event for ‘UNIQLO’ ; makes ppl weep cuz of her beauty


On May 2nd, model/actress Kiritani Mirei attended a talk event at a ‘UNIQLO‘ store in Ginza.

Kiritani appeared at the event wearing the brand’s “easy cropped leggings”, which went on sale on April 23rd. Because the event was held with the theme of ‘Mother’s Day’, Kiritani described her relationship with her mom saying, “We have a relationship where we can say anything to each other. Last summer, we went on a trip and drank together. I felt that I’ve become an adult.”

When reporters asked, “Do you ask her for relationship advice?“, Kiritani declared, “Not much. Rather than love, I want to do my best with work.”

Kiritani, who says she often goes shopping with her mom, shared, “I have my mom coordinate outfits for me. She also gives me advice on fashion. For my mom, I recommend bright colors and clothes that show off her silhouette so that she won’t look like a middle-aged lady.”

During the event, Kiritani invited 3 mothers on stage and gave them each a carnation flower. Coming face-to-face with the actress, one woman burst into tears of joy. In response, Kiritani expressed, “Normally, I don’t get to directly speak to the people who support me, so I’m happy. I’m glad I’m doing this job.”

On May 12th and 13th, UNIQLO’s Ginza store will be holding ‘UNIQLO GINZA MOTHER’S WEEK‘, where they will hand out carnations to the first 400 people who purchase “easy cropped leggings”.

tokyohive (more pics)

snatched Meisa's endorsement right out of her fingers

also totally forgot Mother's Day is soon :o

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