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Two-timing Shun Shioya reportedly proposed to one of his celebrity girlfriends

Actor Shun Shioya, 29, who hit headlines for cheating last week, has reportedly asked one of his girlfriends to marry him.

Shioya caused a stir after it was discovered that he was dating model Ai Tominaga, 29, and celebrity chef Makie Sonoyama at the same time, Sports Nippon reported. Tominaga, whom he had been dating since March, appeared on TV in late April and said, “It’s unforgivable to discuss marriage with two women at the same time.”

Sonoyama reportedly read about his two-timing in a gossip rag first, and Tominaga then found out later through an acquaintance.

What had not been revealed at the time, however, was that Shioya had allegedly proposed to Tominaga on April 16 after the pair were seen dining together at a yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo’s Suginami Ward, Sports Nippon said.

Sonoyama and Tominaga are reportedly friends and have spoken about Shioya’s deception. Tominaga told reporters she had been hurt initially, but then added “I’m okay now. I’ve had enough of love.”

Source: japantoday

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