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SCANDAL to release new single, “Taiyou Scandalous”

It’s been revealed that SCANDAL will be releasing their new single, “Taiyou Scandalous“, on July 11th!

Back in March, SCANDAL released their album, “SCANDAL SHOW“, and held their first concert at Nippon Budokan. This new single will be produced by ORANGE RANGE’s NAOTO, and it’s described as a rock number that is perfect for the summer. The collaboration was decided after the girls of SCANDAL and NAOTO appeared in an event together.

Regarding the new song, NAOTO commented, “I made the song while envisioning the girls surpassing the image of girl bands up to now. We were ‘Ikenai Taiyou’, but the girls who aren’t within that compass of imagination, are ‘Scandalous Taiyou’. In order to make it a song that will represent this summer, I made it an exciting song.

Stay tuned for more details on SCANDAL’s upcoming single!

Source & Image: natalie and tokyohive

Tags: scandal (band)

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