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9:35 am - 05/07/2012

Nakai's ATARU experiences sudden drop in ratings!

TBS's drama "ATARU," which stars SMAP member Nakai Masahiro, has seen a massive drop in ratings in its latest episode. The thirdd episode, which aired on April 29, fell 6% from the previous week, falling to just 10.9%. The statistics were released by Video Research Ltd.

Just a few weeks earlier, the drama topped the rankings of new dramas. Its first episode had an average viewership of 19.9%, making it the most watched debut of the season.

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the producers should've given the lead to Tamachan instead, he would've saved this drama from floppage IMO!

jasmine600 8th-May-2012 10:46 pm (UTC)
Most of the ratings for dramas at that season were not good anyway (about 10-11.5%) . Whereas, in the other seasons the average rating of many dramas can be up to 13-14% .
They still conduct a quiz contest for ataru , but I don't know they still give out money though .
Ataru is a good to OK drama , but since there is a lottery involved, we don't know exactly about the rating influence . One thing for sure that even though acting is very good, there are many complaints about the story line and the scripts even in the 1st episode .
hpswf1 8th-May-2012 11:45 pm (UTC)
But I didn't talk about another seasons, only about summer 2011, as you, too. I just disagreed with your sentence with numbers of ratings.

>but since there is a lottery involved, we don't know exactly about the rating influence
We don't, but since it still have lottery and ratings went down (I don't see any special dates here so I guess, they still give money), I guess, we can say it wasn't a big reason to people watch (if didn't talk about 1st episode). But it's don't a bad ads, I mean previous director's work didn't had good ratings like Blackboard or SPEC SP, so maybe TBS wanted be sure. I can't know.

I don't know what you want to tell me with last sentence, coz I didn't told about acting and script at all.
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