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13-year-old model Hashizume Ai quickly gaining popularity

With cherubic qualities and youthful beauty, the thirteen-year-old model Hashizume Ai has been rapidly gaining popularity.

A second-year- middle school student from Sendai, Miyagi, Hashizume stands at 172 cm and is referred to as the ‘9-headed body model’ for her ideal proportions.

The young model debuted in September of last year as an exclusive model for girl’s fashion magazine ‘Seventeen‘.  In regards to modeling, she had once remarked, “Wearing make-up and changing into clothes allowed me to see different versions of myself.”

The secret to Hashizume’s height is supposedly her love for milk. According to one report, she happily shared, “The other day my knee hurt, so I went to the hospital and they told me, ‘These are growing pains and you are still growing.’”  In March, she made her first fashion show appearance at ‘The First Tokyo Runway‘, and revealed, “I was nervous, so the moment it ended, for the first time in my life, it felt as if my hip had fallen out.”

Citing the popular manga ‘Slam Dunk‘ as an influence, Hashizume currently plays basketball as a member of her middle school basketball club.  She smiled and shared, “I hate losing, so on the court, I play forcefully.”  She stated, “I am also studying English so that I can become an international model.”

Source and Image: Sanspo and tokyohive

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