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Get your tickets now! Kisumai members hitting the stage in new play!

Stage play, "Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gekitsuiouhen angel of battlefield" is set to start in August of this year. It was recently announced that new cast will include Kis-My-Ft2 members Yokoo Wataru and Nikaido Takashi.

The play is based on the 1982 book series "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" which saw its first volume sell approximately 15,000,000 copies within the first five years of release. The story revolves around the war between the Galactic Empire and the Free Planet Alliance and the two commanders who lead the story.

The stage version of the story first volume debuted in January 2011 and nearly 18,000 people came to see it at the Tokyo Aoyama Gekijou. Various other editions were performed, and the latest, "Legend of the Galactic Heroes Dainisho Jiyuu Wakusei Doumei-hen" showed from April 14 to the 22 at the Tokyo International Forum. The summer will see the next edition, "Gekitsuiouhen angel of battlefield." Nakagawa Akinori and members of Kis-My-Ft2, Yokoo Wataru and Nikaido Takashi, will star in the play. Fans can see the boys from August 3 (Friday) to the 12 (Sunday) at the Tennnozu Galaxy Theater.

Translation - qummydino

omg! is there anything these perfect and sexy boys can't do?!?! so happy and proud
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