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Which female celebrities are getting paid the most per CM?

TV commercials are one of the best ‘popularity barometers’ for celebrities in Japan. However, it’s not just the amount of CM contracts nor the amount of exposure that differentiates a CM Queen (or king) from a ‘normal’ female celebrity, it’s the fee they get paid per CM.

Tabloid ‘Shukan Post‘ once again managed to obtain the top secret list that showed how much celebrities are getting paid per CM contract. Naturally, you have to have a certain degree of popularity and an almost flawless image in order to get corporations to invest that much money into the celebrity to represent their brand.

One female celebrity that plowed through the top ranking by increasing her fee more than threefold is none other than child actress Ashida Mana. Last year she ‘only’ received an estimated fee of 20,000,000 Yen ($250,720 USD) per CM, but as of right now she’s already commanding 65,000,000 Yen ($814,840 USD) per CM.

Industry insiders explained that companies are willing to pay her that much, because they can use her to appeal to the two big target groups of children and their mothers. Moreover they won’t have to be concerned about her getting involved in some kind of scandal for many more years to come. Her incredible professionalism that even awes veteran actresses in their forties is the icing on the cake.

Other young talents that at least doubled their CM fees compared to last year are Takei Emi, Gouriki Ayame, and Kutsuna Shiori. Takei improved from 18,000,000 Yen ($225,648 USD) to 38,000,000 Yen ($476,368 USD), Gouriki from 12,000,000 Yen ($150,432 USD) to 24,000,000 Yen ($300,864 USD), and Kutsuna from 10,000,000 Yen ($125,360 USD) to 24,000,000 Yen ($300,864 USD). With this they are the representatives of the up-and-coming actresses in Japan right now.

The two AKB48 members Oshima Yuko (+20,000,000 Yen) and Maeda Atsuko (+20,000,000 Yen) also climbed up the ranking.</p>

However, even well-established CM image celebrities managed to negotiate higher fees thanks to a successful and scandal-free year, including Ueto Aya (+17,000,000 Yen), Anne (+10,000,000 Yen), Ishihara Satomi (+5,000,000 Yen), Sasaki Nozomi (+5,000,000 Yen), and others.

In Ueto’s case it’s somewhat surprising that the whole love and marriage rumors with EXILE’s HIRO didn’t decrease her estimated fee.

Of course, when there are women who climb up the ranking, there’s also have women that lost some market value compared to last year. Ayase Haruka surprisingly is among the latter with a drop of 7,000,000 Yen from 65,000,000 Yen ($814,840 USD) down to 58,000,000 Yen ($727,088 USD), despite her clean slate.

The biggest loser by a wide margin seems to be Miyazaki Aoi who fell from a great second position with 67,000,000 Yen ($839,912 USD) down to an ordinary level of 37,000,000 Yen ($463,832 USD). According to an advertisement firm, this drop is directly related to all the Twitter drama that has been going on with her ex-husband Takaoka Sosuke.

At first, the divorce was actually expected to boost her market value, but then he publicly accused her of adultery, which damaged her pure and innocent image. “However, people still respect her and her acting skills, so she shouldn’t fall down any lower than that,” they said.

You can check out the top ten below, but always remember to take these numbers with a grain of salt.

Which female celebrities are getting paid the most per CM in 2012?

01 – 75,000,000 Yen / (940,200 USD) – Yoshinaga Sayuri (last year: 100,000,000 Yen)
02 – 65,000,000 Yen / (814,840 USD) – Ashida Mana (last year: 20,000,000 Yen)
03 – 62,000,000 Yen / (777,232 USD) – Ueto Aya (last year: 45,000,000 Yen)
04 – 58,000,000 Yen / (727,088 USD) – Ayase Haruka (last year: 65,000,000 Yen)
05 – 50,000,000 Yen / (626,800 USD) – Kanno Miho (last year: 50,000,000 Yen)
06 – 45,000,000 Yen / (564,120 USD) – Oshima Yuko (last year: 25,000,000 Yen)
06 – 45,000,000 Yen / (564,120 USD) – Takeuchi Yuko (last year: 45,000,000 Yen)
07 – 44,000,000 Yen / (551,584 USD) – Maeda Atsuko (last year: 24,000,000 Yen)
08 – 43,000,000 Yen / (539,048 USD) – Matsushima Nanako (last year: 30,000,000 Yen)
09 – 42,000,000 Yen / (526,512 USD) – Takashima Aya (last year: -)
09 – 42,000,000 Yen / (526,512 USD) – Dan Rei (last year: 42,000,000 Yen)
10 – 40,000,000 Yen / (501,440 USD) – Ishihara Satomi (last year: 35,000,000 Yen)

(Conversion rate: 1 USD = 79.7703 Yen)


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