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Track lists for Flawless band’s upcoming tribute album and live DVD revealed!

It was reported that L’Arc~en~Ciel would be releasing their tribute album “L’Arc-en-Ciel TRIBUTE” and live best DVD, “LIVE TWENITY“ on June 13th. Now, the track lists have been revealed!

For this album, various overseas artists will be covering L’Arc~en~Ciel’s hit songs. These artists include BOYZ II MEN, Clémentine, Daniel Power, Eric Martin, JOHN 5, Maxi Priest, Orianthi, TLC, Vince Neil, ZEBRAHEAD, and Michael Monroe.

Additionally, it was revealed that POLYSICS, SID, Hemenway, and TOTALFAT, who all belong to Ki/oon Music, will be singing the bonus tracks.

Meanwhile, L’Arc~en~Ciel’s live best DVD will contain 20 live clips of the band’s concert from ‘1997 REINCARNATION‘ to their most recent ‘20th L’Anniversary TOUR‘.

{L’Arc~en~Ciel Tribute}

01. Vince Neil / Blurry Eyes
02. Orianthi / NEO UNIVERSE
03. TLC / RAINBOW ( Niji)
04. Eric Martin, JOHN 5 / HONEY
06. BOYZ II MEN / snow drop
07. Maxi Priest / Vivid Colors
08. Michael Monroe / HEAVEN’S DRIVE
09. Daniel Powter / STAY AWAY
10. Clémentine / flower
Bonus Tracks:
12. SID / Shout at the Devil
13. Hemenway / Caress of Venus
14. TOTALFAT / Driver’s High

{Live Twenity}

01. Niji (1997 REINCARNATION, Dec.23,1997 Tokyo Dome)
02. Kasou (Tour’98 Heart ni Hi wo Tsukero!, Oct.21,1998 Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyougijou Daiichi Taiikukan)
03. Caress of Venus (1999 GRAND CROSS TOUR, Aug.22,1999 Tokyo Big Sight Parking Lot Special Stage)
04. NEO UNIVERSE (RESET>>LIVE*000, Dec.31,1999-Jan.1,2000 Tokyo Big Sight East Hall)
05. HONEY (CLUB CIRCUIT 2000 REALIVE, Oct.27,2000 Zepp Osaka)
06. HEAVEN’S DRIVE (TOUR 2000 REAL, Dec.6,2000 Tokyo Dome)
07. Driver’s High (Shibuya Seven days 2003, Jul.6,2003 Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyougijou Daiichi Taiikukan)
08. REVELATION(SMILE TOUR 2004, Jun.12,2004 Osaka-jo Hall)
09. READY STEADY GO (LIVE IN U.S.A., Jul.31,2004 1st Mariner Arena)
10. TRUST (AWAKE TOUR 2005, Aug.31,2005 Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyougijou Daiichi Taiikukan)
11. Jojoushi (ASIALIVE 2005, Sep.25,2005 Tokyo Dome)
12. the Fourth Avenue Cafe (15th L’Anniversary LIVE, Nov.26,2006 Tokyo Dome)
13. Natsu no Yuutsu [time to say good-bye] (Are you ready? 2007 Mata Heart ni Hi wo Tsukero!, Aug.26,2007 Fujikyu Highland Conifer Forest)
14. Killing Me (Are you ready? 2007 Mata Heart ni Hi wo Tsukero!, Aug.30,2007 Okinawa Convention Center Gekijou)
15. MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM (TOUR 2007~2008 THEATER OF KISS, Feb.10,2008 Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyougijou Daiichi Taiikukan)
16. Anata (TOUR 2008 L’7 ~Trans ASIA via PARIS~, May.9,2008 LE ZENITH)
17. forbidden lover (TOUR 2008 L’7 ~Trans ASIA via PARIS~, Jun.1,2008 Tokyo Dome)
18. Blurry Eyes (20th L’Anniversary LIVE, May.28,2011 Ajinomoto Stadium)
19. GOOD LUCK MY WAY (20th L’Anniversary LIVE, May.29,2011 Ajinomoto Stadium)
20. X X X (20th L’Anniversary TOUR, Dec.4,2011 Kyocera Dome Osaka)

Sources: 1 & 2

omg shaking and crying right now, TLC and SID i can die happy after i buy this >_<
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