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Flawless legends-in-the-making ABC-Z return to Tokyo to slay!

A.B.C-Z recently lifted the curtain on their special stage, "ABC Theater - Tokyo Triumphant Return Performance" at the massive gathering of Johnny's talents, "Johnny's Ginza You no Mae ni wa Me ga Iru" in Hibiya on the 8th. They followed Kis-My-Ft2, who performed there until April 30.

First performing on February 2 at the Nissay Theater, the boys then ventured on a nation-wide tour, and member Kawai Fumito said, "It feels like we've come home." The boys performed nearly 40 songs, including "Zutto LOVE" which was written and composed by member Totsuka Shota. Member Goseki Kouichi also displayed himself wearing women's clothing, during which he said, "Please date me like this."

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Translation - qummydino

these flawless boys are the HOTTEST thing to come out of JE since Kis-My-Ft2! omg!
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