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Michinoku Sendai ORI☆HIMETAI from Earthquake Survivors to Idols

Michinoku Sendai ORI☆HIMETAI members are all from Sendai and are all survivors of the great Tohoku Earthquake. While you may be hearing of this group for the first time, they like SCK Girls have in their short time as idols already performed in Asia, SCK Girls in Taiwan, and ORIHIMETAI in Vietnam.

The name Michinoku Sendai ORI☆HIMETAI means the following:

Michinoku- Tohoku, North Eastern Japan, Sendai-Home town, ORIHIME -is the legendary Princess Weaver of Sendai, who according to legend, ORIHIME meets the prince she loves called Hikoboshi once a year on July 7.

So the name means The Tohoku Sendai Princess Weavers.

The group became active in August 2011 and they have focused their activities in hard hit Prefectures of Miyagi, Iwate, Fukushima, with long range plans to visit every Prefecture that sent help and to someday extend their gratitude to all people who sent money and goods from around the world by staging lives or greetings to say thank you.

Michinoku Sendai ORI☆HIMETAI activities include, delivering smiles and courage to everyone in the area through their stage event activities as well as reaching out to reconstruction-markets, donation centers for support/gratitude .Visiting temporary shelter houses of which 325,000 people still live in along with fund raising activities.

The spirit of Michinoku Sendai ORI☆HIMETAI can best be explained by a lyric from their song “I`m Home” – “Once I was a bird, I could not fly. But now no tear, no time to cry. Believing you, it’s nice to know you’ll standby me〜”. Michinoku Sendai ORI☆HIMETAI is standing by the people of Tohoku whenever they are in need of idol cheer.

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