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BONNIE PINK new single!

BONNIE PINK will release a new single titled Machi no Namae on July 4th.

This is gonna be her 2nd single release this year, the previous one being Tsumetai Ame released back in February.

The title track was produced by Suzuki Masato (LITTLE CREATURES), who has worked as a band master for BONNIE PINK's tours in recent years. Strings were combined into a beautiful and sad melody making it a medium tempo song.

BONNIE PINK will also be holding a live tour, starting on September 14th at Nagoya CLUB Diamond Hall and ending on October 19th at Osaka Namba Hatch (click here for the full tour schedule). Information about the tickets pre-order is included in the first press of the new single.

SoundMeeting, BARKS, BONNIE PINK official website
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