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8:54 pm - 05/09/2012

"Thermae Romae" Continues To Slay: Passes 2 Billion Box Office Mark In Nine Days

If you are wondering what people were doing during the Golden Week with the mediocre weather, it seems they went to see "Thermae Romae" in the cinemas. It was a huge hit throughout Golden Week and didn't even give the very successful start of "Uchuu Kyodai" a chance to take over the top spot.

While "Thermae Romae" attracted 325,690 people and grossed 432,552,300 Yen (5.39 million USD) on its opening weekend, as reported in the previous Japanese Box Office Report, its second weekend was even better with 404,240 viewers and a revenue of 547,459,350 Yen (6.88 million USD). Adding the results from the weekdays, we are looking at 1,749,012 viewers and a revenue of 2,223,184,700 Yen (27.95 million USD) in just nine days.

After the previous weekend, distributor Toho expected it to eventually make 3 billion Yen (37.72 million USD), but now it seems more than likely that it's going to break through a total revenue of 5 billion Yen (62.87 million USD).

Meanwhile, the great popularity of "Thermae Romae" spoiled the opening weekend ranking of "Uchuu Kyodai" starring Oguri Shun and Okada Masaki. However, it really only spoiled the ranking, because its result with 280,000 viewers (322 screens) and a revenue of 382,320,000 Yen (4.81 million USD) isn't anywhere close to what you'd call a bad start.

takarai_karin 10th-May-2012 04:12 am (UTC)
Damnit, I wanna see Abe Hiroshi and Kitamura Kazuki in a toga too...

Congrats on the success though, I've heard great things about the manga, glad the movie adaptation's good too
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