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Music Station creates internet web show + link to first episode

Celebrating 25 years of being on the air, popular music program “MUSIC STATION” will have their own internet music program beginning on May 4th.

The program will be free and streamed online via video streaming site, YouTube. Furthermore, the show will experiment with upcoming artists through studio lives and interviews. Titled, “MUSIC STATION Young Guns on the Web” will be on Music Station’s official YouTube channel.

This program is the web edition of the show’s corner “Young Guns” that started in 2005 that introduces new artists and is expected to continue through this online show. Previous artists featured on the corner include FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, Ikimono Gakari, Perfume, and Nishino Kana.

At the end of Music Station’s live broadcast they will edit the feed to post online. MC announcer Takeuchi Yoshie will also appear taking charge of the talk segments. They will not only show music videos and the ‘making of’, but also contain a performance and talk segments, they will keep the program an high quality, original internet program and show off Japan’s music scene.

The first guest on the show, airing May 4th, will be rock band SEKAI NO OWARI, who made their major debut in 2010. They will talk about the band’s live at Budokan and the life of the members, as well as the creation of their music.

source: Tokyohive

I'm surprised this news wasn't posted on arama before…Here's a preview of the first episode with SEKAI NO OWARI, along with a link to the full episode (only the previews allow embedding):

Full 8:50 episode:

And here's a preview of the second episode which will air on the 18th:

source: Music Station YT Channel
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