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U messed with the wrong girl

SHINee ignites RACIST scandal with anti-Native American performance

Boy band "SHINee" from SM Entertainment has been spotted being RACIST in a new performance in Fukuoka, Japan.

The boys are seen in the beginning being attacked by some supposive Native Americans who are dressed in tacky and stereotypical native outfits. They are then placed in shackles and taken captive by these backup dancers who are mocking the Native American culture. They make calls reminiscint of the time when Native Americans were jokes and ridiculed as barbarians. Onew and the boys then continue to dance with them in a Native-mocking fashion that is both untalented and unattractive and uncouth because of its racist undertones.

The video has already garnered 3 dislikes and it's becoming a major controversy on places like Twitter where one user said, "SHINee bein racist as fuck what else is new" and "u think after korea recognized their racism when i made my first editorial they change? no they just find another culture to degrade"

Another fan cam can be seen here:


source - Tay Symone (ifuaskedmeto), Video One and Two and My Twitter

SMH at this... didnt Korea get the message the first time around???? Japan don't need this racism
Tags: hallyu, international celebrity, scandal

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