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Anti-Sakurai Sho media preparing to drop a 'bomb' on fans

A weekly publication is currently planning to trap Sakurai Sho, who graduated from Keio University's economics department, is a newscaster for Nihon TV's NEWS ZERO and is known for being the most intelligent Johnny's member, by collecting scandalous information.

While many magazines post gossip about Johnny's Entertainment, a certain magazine have "bombs" ready about the star.

"It's (the magazine) 'Shuukan Josei.' They are publishing material from the past that betrays the fresh image that Sakurai shows to the public. For example, they published a story about him spitting on paparazzi and smashing fans' cell phones. This was a magazine that used to be on good terms with Johnny's Entertainment, but now it's soley operating to attack Johnny's head-on," said one reporter.

From the 90s, Johnny's used its considerable clout to stop its celebrities from being used for promotional purposes in different media. Nowadays, only certain media like NHK's Kouhaku Gassen are approved for its idols to appear. In the heyday of weekly publications, because gossip flowed freely throughout the media, it was difficult for Johnny's to put a stop to it.

"The natural enemies of Johnny's Entertainment, like 'Focus' and 'Bishou' went out of business, and Johnny's became especially strong. But 'Shuukan Josei' is continuously running negative reports on Johnny's, and because its celebrity section has become basically a Johnny's section, it's become quite an issue. Recently they did a story on Ninomiya Kazunari smoking, accompanied by a photo, which made some fans' feeling toward the singer dubious," said the reporter.

After infiltrating the location of the movie he's working on, they posted the photo in a major spot of the magazine. They collected data without contacting Johnny's, and this technique is certainly antagonizing to Johnny's Entertainment.

"Also, just before Golden Week, 'Shuukan Josei' recruited a very skilled reporter from a photo magazine. This person has quite a bit of unreleased Johnny's gossip, so it's safe to say that the magazine is becoming strong in the area of Johnny's scandals."

From here on out, the battle between Johnny's Entertainment and weekly publications will become white-hot. Is the day that Sakurai Sho's scandals explode in public near? With this day coming, it seems sleepless nights will be continuing both fans and Sakurai himself.

Translation - qummydino

omg!!! i wonder what it is?
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