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Ashida Mana and Toyokawa Etsushi to star in new Fuji TV drama

Toyokawa Etsushi and Ashida Mana will be starring in the upcoming Fuji TV drama, ‘Beautiful Rain‘, starting in July.

In the drama, Toyokawa plays the role of Keisuke, a single father who is diagnosed with juvenile Alzheimer’s disease. Meanwhile, Ashida will take on the role of a 2nd grade student named Miu who supports her father during his times of trial.

This will be Ashida’s first time starring in a Fuji TV drama series since her big break in ‘Marumo no Okite‘. She commented on Toyokawa saying, “He’s an actor I love so I’m already very excited. I want him to teach me many things like a real father.

‘Beautiful Rain’ will be the 8th drama in Fuji TV’s ‘Dramatic Sunday’ timeslot, which started back in October of 2010. After his wife passes away, Keisuke resigns from his job at a major construction company and becomes a craftsman at a metalworking factory to support his only daughter Miu. One day, Keisuke is suddenly diagnosed with juvenile Alzheimer’s disease, changing their lifestyle drastically. Keisuke and Miu face the harsh reality together to overcome it.

The script will be written by Habara Daisuke, who is known for his works in ‘Pacchigi!‘ and ‘Hula Girl‘. The drama will also star Miura Shohei, Denden, Kanie Keizou, and Yasuda Ken.

The last time Toyokawa starred in a Fuji TV drama was 13 years ago in 1999 on ‘Kiken na Kankei‘. Regarding ‘Beautiful Rain’, he stated, “It has the themes of the bond between parent and child, the bond between family, and the bond between regions. In the form of a TV drama, I aim to make this a piece of work that will make the viewers feel those things.

Ashida expressed, “I’m very happy that I get to star in a drama series again.” She continued, “It’s a role I’ve never played before so it’s difficult. But I will do my best.

Fuji TV’s Shikanai Tsugi explained his reason for choosing Toyokawa saying, “Toyokawa-san has kind eyes toward children, and I wanted to see him playing with children.” He also commented on Ashida with, “By having her portray the delicate heart of a daughter who thinks of her father, not as child actor but as an actress, I thought I would be able to see her new charms.

‘Beautiful Rain’ will air every Sunday from 9:00 pm starting in July.

Source & Image: Mantan Web and tokyohive

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