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Mizukawa Asami two-timed with Aiba and Nino?

Currently, news is spreading about Mizukawa Asami’s late night date with actor Koide Keisuke. However, in the past, there was a period when Mizukawa was dubbed the “Arashi Killer”. Before her relationship with Koide, Mizukawa was rumored to be with Aiba Masaki. The two met on the set of the 2004 movie “PIKA☆NCHI LIFE IS HARD DAKEDO HAPPY” and began to go out.

However, in 2008 due to their busy schedules, their relationship collapsed. The next year the two began to date once more, but in a short time they broke up once again.

Being that Mizukawa went out with Aiba for an extended period of time would not be enough to call her an “Arashi Killer”, but the real problem starts when Mizukawa began to go out with Ninomiya Kazunari.

Mizukawa and Ninomiya first became a rumor in 2010, during the period when Ninomiya was progressing with Nagasawa Masami. Interestingly enough, Nagasawa and Mizukawa are close friends.

“At that time, when Ninomiya was living in an apartment in Nakameguro, he was secretly meeting with Mizukawa. Even though Aiba was Mizukawa’s boyfriend, and even more, Mizukawa was close friends with Nagasawa, the two met alone without their respective partners. It’s only a wonder what kind of conversations they had. One theory is that because of the two-timing, Aiba and Mizukawa’s relationship collapsed.” (Nikkan Sports Reporter)

However, rumors persist that Aiba and Mizukawa’s relationship is still continuing, and that Mizukawa’s relationship with Koide is just a “disguise love”.

Arashi is said to be the group that’s very close, but with these kind of complicated relationships, are they really? 

(Source: geino2news.seesaa.net) translated by omoxi

Tags: actor/actress, aiba masaki, kazunari ninomiya

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