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EXILE perform new song ! !+Mr.Children 's songs cover!!

On latest Exile Damashii ,EXILE performs new song " Ao sora no hoshi no you ni"

Besides, EXILE cover Mr.Children 's song on the show

TAKAHIRO performs Mr.Children 's popular song SIGN (2004)
This song is ranked No.1 drama theme song ranking on the show

SIGN is the theme song of Drama "Orange Days" (2004) ,starring Tsumabuki Satoshi & Shibasaki Kou
This song won Japan Record Awards in 2004

Besides last week  ATSUSHI coverd Kuruma no Naka de Kakurete Kiss wo Shiyou

Original by Mr.Children

Very surprised that ATSUSHI coverd Kuruma no Naka de Kakurete Kiss wo Shiyou.
This song is not Single and not popular .It is from Mr.Children 's million selling album Kind of Love in 1992 before gaining huge popularity

Source : 1 2 3 & Youtube

Tags: exile, mr.children, tv: music show

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