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netizens worried about yamada yu's skinny appearance

Yamada Yu, who married actor Oguri Shun March 13th, recently uploaded several pictures to her web blog of her slender waist, arms and back. But now worries have arisen over her underweight appearance. Although Yamada displayed a beautiful figure in her last Anan shoot, on the internet netizens are speaking out about the photos:

“Her pelvis is sticking out. Is she anorexic?”
“Is it because being skin and bones is okay? Eat properly and exercise, seeing your bones is pathetic.”
“Is this beautiful from a girl’s point of view? She’s skinnier than Ungarzzle, all I can see is that she’s suffering from anorexia.”
“This isn’t a healthy body, and I can’t call it beautiful.”
“I’ll laugh if Oguri cheats on her with a voluptuous woman because of this.”
“If this is whats known as a “beautiful figure”, then it’s no good.”

Although everything seemed fine at Yamada’s wedding press conference, did she go on a diet after she was married? Or did something else happen? Perhaps shes going on a diet for her wedding ceremony.

So, is Yamada Yu suffering from something? Judge for yourself:


I know Japan's models are typically pretty skinny, but I'm guessing from the backlash this apparently is abnormal? Or...?

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