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Sawajiri Erika goes on hiatus due to poor health

On May 15th, it was reported that actress Sawajiri Erika has been on hiatus since early-May due to poor health.

After taking a short break from the acting scene, Sawajiri landed the lead role in the upcoming movie, ‘Helter Skelter‘. She was expected to make her big comeback with this film, but was forced to cancel promotional events due to her poor health.

A person from a movie magazine revealed, “Recently, the day before an interview, Sawajiri-san suddenly called in to cancel. Two months before the movie opens in theaters. It’s a period for promotions, but we were told that replacement interviews are indeterminate. We were troubled…

Others in the film industry say that Sawajiri’s poor health is due to a change in her mind and body. “In her upcoming movie, she’s challenged herself to intense sexual scenes. She’s an actress who becomes absorbed into her roles, so the heroine Ririko wouldn’t leave her body for a long time. She seemed to be down.

‘Helter Skelter’ is based on a 90’s manga Okazaki Kyoko, and it tells a story about a top idol named Ririko, who received plastic surgery on her entire body. As a result, she rises to fame, but her body eventually begins to deteriorate due to the after effects and stress from the entertainment industry. Because the original work included homosexuality and multiple sex scenes, the film-adaptation generated a buzz as people started talking about how far Sawajiri could go.

A person involved in the entertainment industry, who attended a private showing for ‘Helter Skelter’ earlier this month, commented, “It’s filled with scenes of mental confusion, it’s a dangerous role so it’s not strange that her spirit would fall apart. I don’t have the courage to have our actresses play the role.

Regarding her health, Sawajiri’s agency later sent a fax to several media outlets. They stated, “Because of her poor physical condition, the promotional events will be canceled.

After examination with a doctor, they concluded that “she’s required to rest for a selected time period. In regards to the her future activities, they explained, “She plans to return to work upon consultation with the doctor and once her physical condition has settled.

Sawajiri is scheduled to appear at the movie premiere for ‘Helter Skelter’ on July 5th. Her appearances will be decided upon progress of her health.

Source: Nikkan Sports 1, 2 and tokyohive
Image: Oricon

Check out the full trailer below...It looks INTENSE...

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