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Act for Japan & Jordin Sparks Want to Send YOU To Japan!

You don’t have emotions -- you have emoji. You’re an obscure anime character every year for Halloween. And most importantly, when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan last year, you immediately wanted to strap on your Undercover Nike kicks (designed by your fashion fav Jun Takahashi, of course) and be part of the first relief mission to the devastated island country.

Does that sound like you?

If so, you have a chance to make those Harajuku dreams come true: the Act for Japan contest has landed!

Here’s the dealio: we’ve partnered with People to People Ambassador Programs, the world leader in global educational travel experiences (for almost 50 years!), to give away one FULL summer travel scholarship to a lucky MTV Act reader. Full-time students ages 13 to 19 are eligible. Picture yourself overseas for two weeks -- from July 1 to 14 -- traveling all over the country from Tokyo to Hiraizumi. So amaze, right?

Oh, did we mention that the winner will be selected by celeb judge Jordin Sparks?! YES, JORDIN SPARKS!!!

Hurry though, you only have until May 18 to enter!

If you want a chance at an expense-paid spot (worth $7,000) in the Spirit of Japan program, all you gots to do is submit a video explaining why YOU are totally bonzai for the Land of the Rising Sun and can’t wait to give back and help the Japanese. Write a haiku, sing karaoke, or make some origami. Get creative, you kamikaze kids! Impress Miss Sparks, who actually joined a People to People program to Europe last summer.

For serious, this is a special opportunity to be a part of the first class of students to return to the region since People to People had to cancel their programs last year due to the tsunami aftermath. People to People plans to send more than 100 students to some of Japan’s hardest hit areas this year to conduct over 3,000 hours of volunteer work. Be part of the action!

Japan has given so much to the world -- samurai movie marathons, sushi, Ken Watanbe, Pokémon, and the FUTON just to name a few -- so this is your CHANCE to truly get hands on in Japan (betta start practicing that peace sign now).


I loled at the target audience XD

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