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Introducing the dance-model team, J☆Dee'Z

Due to a collaboration between kids dance and fashion magazine, Dance Style Kids and popular brand SISTER JENNI, J☆Dee’Z was formed. J☆Dee’Z is a dance-model team, comprised of five girls from a total of 348 auditionees, and officially debuted in July of 2010.Each members exerts a superb personality in terms of dance, looks, character and sense. They are charismatic dancing idols.Since their debut, they’ve made event and television appearances across the country.In Decemeber of 2011, Moe withdrew from the group and in February of this year, ami joined the group.



AO is superbly skilled in jazz dancing and has a mighty artistic sense. She’s known as J☆Dee’Z’ bishoujo and is a catalogue model for SISTER JENNI, as well as the leader of the group. She is also works one of the Kyary Kids, and is the girl in red in the Veggiekko Dancers PV. She’s currently enrolled with STUDIO FIRST. *Kyary Kids are kid back up dancers for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Birthdate: 1999/01/21
School year: 2nd year of junior high
Zodiac: Capricorn
Blood type: O
Hometown: Tokyo
Height: 145cm
Character: Indecisive
Most attractive feature: Long hair & overbite
Dance experience: 5 years
Triumphant category: Jazz, jazz hip-hop
Hobbies: Piano (she learned it long ago, but now it’s her hobby)
Hama Rimono: Sylvanian Family
Goal for 2012: Balancing dancing and studying


MOMOKA started jazz dancing as a child. With a kind and sociable personality, not only is she a catalog model for SISTER JENNI but is the peacemaker of the group. She aims to be a singer and dancer like Namie Amuro. She’s currently a trainee under Vision Factory and is enrolled at Yokohama’s ZEAL STUDIOS.

Birthdate: 2000/3/13
School year: 1st year of junior high
Zodiac: Pisces
Blood type: B
Hometown: Kanagawa
Height: 150cm
Character: Natural airhead?
Most attractive feature: healing aura
Dance experience: 7 years
Triumphant category: Jazz-hip hop
Hobbies: Collecting cute letter sets and stationary
Hama Rimono: Listening to music to become energetic
Goal for 2012: Reskilling my singing and dancing


With a hip-hop-ish atmosphere, permed hair and an odd character, Meik gets the most amount of fanmail in the group. Not only has she done variety shows, but she has also worked as a backup dancer for EXILE. It is possible to say that she’s a pure entertainer. She is currently enrolled at EXPG as a scholarship student. * EXPG (Exile Professional Gym) is LDH’s (owned by EXILE’s HIRO) dance and vocal school.

Birthdate: 2000/08/17
School year: 6th year of elementary school
Zodiac: Leo
Blood type: B
Hometown: Shizuoka
Height: 142cm
Character: frivolous
Most attractive feature: Tanned skin
Dance experience: 7 years
Triumphant category: Hip-hop, jazz, jazz-hip-hop
Hobbies: Dancing
Hama Rimono: Playing with friends
Goal for 2012: For J☆Dee’Z to become more popular


Despite being the youngest, Nono is an overwhelmingly skilled dancer. She has a confident character and amazing presence. As J☆Dee’Z’s pillar, it’s possible to say that she’s their wonder girl. For the future, Nono aims to be a performing artist who dominates the major and underground scene. She is also a Vision Factory trainee.

Birthdate: 2001/07/27
School year: 5th year of elementary school
Zodiac: Leo
Blood type: O
Hometown: Tokyo
Height: 144cm
Character: Glutton
Most attractive feature: self-satisfied look
Dance experience: 6 years
Triumphant category: Jazz-hip-hop
Hobbies: Reading
Favorite item: Mozuku-flavored food
Goal for 2012: To do my best in singing and dancing


She’s the newest member of J☆Dee’Z after being chosen out 185 names from an audition. She has 2 years of dance prior to joining the group. She’ll play a center role in the second chapter of J☆Dee’Z’s existence.

Birthdate: 2001/03/01
School year: 6th year of elementary school
Zodiac: Pisces
Blood type: A
Hometown: Hyogo
Height: 139cm
Character: Cheerful and energetic
Most attractive feature: Smiling face and strange face
Dance experience: 3 years
Triumphant category: Punking
Hobbies: Dancing, life-work
Hama Rimono: Playing with iPod Touch apps, updating my blog
Goal for 2012: Reskilling my dancing! Catch up to the members of J☆Dee’Z


Moe is a former member of the group. However she left the group after becoming a member of AKB48’s 13th generation research students.


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Personally, I don't think Moe should have left the group for AKB48, that's a whole lot of wasted talent ;A; But I like ami a lot too.
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